Tristan Nunez started the Dnt txt n drV Foundation in 2014 after spending three years advocating against distracted driving and working to raise awareness to prevent texting and driving.


As a 15-year-old, Tristan was riding in the car with his mother, who was texting and driving. After several instances, his mother nearly crashed into the back of someone. He knew at that moment he had to do something to change people’s actions.


Change starts with knowledge and the empowerment to share that with others. Having spoken to thousands of his peers over the years, he has found that it starts with one and can grow really fast.


It’s unfortunate that much of the change in perceptions about drunk driving, seats belts, and now distracted driving is most influenced by gruesome images and videos of what can happen.


























Tristan is trying to get to people BEFORE it happens. The impact is far-reaching in that we can save lives—literally and figuratively. To say the least, Tristan’s mom doesn’t text and drive anymore and perhaps he saved her life—perhaps even his own!


The Dnt txt n drV Foundation will continue to raise awareness and create exposure around the issue through Tristan Nunez’s professional autoracing career and his efforts to communicate the dangers of distracted driving.  The Foundation plans to hold a series of fundraising events to support and raise capital to support scholarship programs to be awarded to others who are working to make a difference in their communities.